My Sleeping Karma is a German psychedelic rock band from Aschaffenburg . The band is at Napalm Records under contract and so far has released five studio albums.


Until 2006, played the bass player mat and the drummer Steffen in the stoner rock band The Great Escape . After their singer left the band made ​​the musicians continue as an instrumental band, because the band wanted to perform an announced long-time festival appearance. The band by was rounded guitarist Seppi and sound Boarder Norman. Due to the positive audience reactions, the band went on and was taken a short time later by Elektrohasch Records. In 2006, the self-titled debut album was released.

Two years later, their second album Satya . Since this album, the band renames the songs according to Hindu gods .  None of the musicians involved, however, in this religion rooted. The third studio album Tri appeared in 2010. In June of the radiated West German Broadcasting in his mission Rockpalast a concert of My Sleeping Karma to Cologne from. The band then played the opening act for Brant Bjork . In addition, My Sleeping Karma appeared on the French festival Hellfeston. 

In autumn 2011 the band went on their first European tour and were finally by the Austrian taken record label Napalm Records.  About this label was the fourth studio album in September 2012 Soma published. The title refers to the noise Trunk of Hindu gods . In November 2012, the band played a European tour opening for Monster Magnet . [1] A year later, the band toured Russia and performed at festivals such as Summer Breeze , Hellfest, the Desert Festival in Berlin and the German cult rock festival in Balve cave on. Then the musicians began to work on new music.

From December 2014 to January 2015 the band recorded their fifth studio album Moksha on, published on May 29, 2015. The term Moksha is available in various Indian religions of salvation, liberation orenlightenment . With the album, the band reached the leap into the first German album charts and reached number 69th


My Sleeping Karma play instrumental rock music. Their music is usually referred to as psychedelic rock. The band itself describes their style as "Psychedelic Groove Rock". The main influences but the band called metal bands like Iron Maiden and Slayer , but also more modern bands like Tool. Bassist mat called the Iron Maiden album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son than the collective favorite reference plate of musicians. 

Unlike many other publications, the albums by My Sleeping Karma are mixed relatively quiet. The band wants to order from the Loudness was the music industry delimit.  The music of My Sleeping Karma is according to bassist Mat a counter-proposal represent for today's fast paced and overloaded society. [2] The band's music is composed with little complexity. In an interview with the German magazine Metal Hammer bassist Matte explained that the pieces no permanent pace - or motif changes have and usually two or three subjects exist. These are according to him with emotion and dynamics played. 


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